Frequently asked questions: licences and training

Underpinned by evidence-based recommendations on arthritis and exercise, The Joint Movement offers participants two options of exercise programs – warm water exercise or strength training exercise. Each program consists of 20 classes over the course of 10 weeks – so two classes every week for 10 weeks. The classes are all small-group exercise sessions.
By becoming a licensed Joint Movement leader, not only will you be adding to your CV new qualifications and delivering a nationally licensed exercise program, you will be opening the door to a previously neglected community of paying customers, offering a program that is specifically designed for them. On top of this, a referral pathway is already in place that leads them straight to your door. And, looking long term, becoming a part of The Joint Movement is a clever move for an exercise professional; Australia’s population of people over 65 is expected to double over the next 35 years, which will create a higher demand for medically based health programs just like The Joint Movement.
The Joint Movement exercise sessions are held at community facilities, or at a gym or warm water exercise facility.
As a licensed Joint Movement leader, you are joining an exercise program that is already being advertised to its client base – both patients and healthcare providers. By registering your services on our database, GPs and exercise physiologists will be able to refer patients to your classes via our specified referral pathway through our program locator application, and participants will be able to self-refer to your classes, too.
The primary resource for referrers, leaders and participants is The Joint Movement website, which is full of information for everyone involved in The Joint Movement, and includes a Resources page specifically for exercise professionals. If you are having difficulty finding resources and information on the website, please contact Arthritis Australia on 1800 011 041 for further assistance.
Yes. The Joint Movement exercise programs have been designed in collaboration with industry experts, and pilot programs have shown the efficacy of the program to increase strength, endurance and quality of life – whether the participants have arthritis or not. Exercise programs are client-centred, offering modified exercises that take into account factors such as age, co-morbidity. and overall client health, and so you may find that your more senior clients will benefit from The Joint Movement exercise sessions. The exercise program includes advice and education to promote positive lifestyle changes with increased physical activity, and strategies to maintain a healthy lifestyle – skills that are valid for everyone.