Become a Joint Movement registered assessor

As an exercise physiologist, you are a crucial part of the pathway for people with arthritis to exercise in The Joint Movement classes. It is your assessment and advice that will set the bar for each individual participant in the exercise program.

The Joint Movement program requires every participant to attend a pre- and post-program exercise assessment with an exercise physiologist. We expect these to take around 45 minutes per patient. The Joint Movement supplies the assessment forms for the appointment to be structured around, and includes:

  • Adult Pre-exercise Screening System (APSS) – a three-stage risk assessment for anyone wanting to exercise
  • Senior Fitness Test – a series of tests that assess the health and fitness of older adults
  • Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index (WOMAC) – a reliable and valid subjective assessment used to assess changes in pain/stiffness and physical function in people with arthritis

Participant and facility surveys are also supplied, as well as instructions on data collection and reporting in the DiscoverQuick platform to produce an outcome summary for the participant and their referring health professional.

Following the assessment, the exercise physiologist will assess which Joint Movement exercise program – strength training exercise or warm water exercise – best suits the participant’s needs, and will refer the client to a licensed Joint Movement leader who will conduct the 20 group-exercise sessions over 10 weeks.

If you are interested in conducting the 20 group-exercise sessions yourself, see the information for exercise professionals about how to become a licensed leader.

Registration process

To provide Joint Movement assessments, you need to complete a registration of services document. Registration will provide the exercise physiologist with access to the exercise physiologist assessment forms.The program guidelines outline recommendations and the roles of all parties conducting The Joint Movement exercise programs, including those the exercise professionals should abide by.

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