Strength training exercise

The strength training exercise classes offer a full-body workout that builds strength, eases stiff joints and relaxes sore muscles. Each class incorporates a range of exercises that help with movement and balance, and aerobic exercises that get your heart going to ensure you benefit from an overall body workout.

The 45-minute classes are designed for small groups, and your leader will constantly assess your individual progress and help you work through the exercises at a level that suits your specific needs and abilities. Each class will begin with a warm-up, followed by a selection of exercises that move through the body to give you a full-body work-out for overall wellbeing, and end with a warm-down. The exercises cover the whole body, not specific joints – it works those joints that are affected by arthritis as well as those that aren’t, acting as a preventative measure as well as treatment.

There will be some repetition of exercises so that you can see and feel your own progress, and so that you can learn your body’s boundaries to enable you to continue to do the exercises at home. Your leader is there to educate you as well as instruct.

Strength training exercise is an excellent way for people with any form of arthritis to ease the painful effects of the disease and improve overall health. Join a program and find out more about how The Joint Movement can help you.

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For more information, visit our frequently asked questions or read the Strength training information sheet.