What is The Joint Movement?

Put simply, The Joint Movement is an exercise program specifically designed for anyone suffering from mild to moderate forms of arthritis. It is a safe exercise regime that offers small-group exercise sessions for those who are not used to exercising. There are two program options: strength training exercise and warm water exercise.

If you have arthritis or are at risk of developing a musculoskeletal condition (a disease that affects a person’s muscles and bones), you have come to the right place. Now, more than ever, is the time for you to keep moving – and The Joint Movement is here to help you do just that.

Like many people, you may feel confused about how safe it is to exercise with arthritis. The answer: it is perfectly safe to exercise with arthritis. In fact, it is beneficial. Even if you’re in terrible pain and doing exercise is the last thing you feel like doing, the evidence shows that it is exactly what you should be doing. Staying still will only make your joint pain worse; it causes your muscles to wither, which puts strain on the very joints that you need to protect. Doing exercise strengthens your muscles around the joint, taking some of the strain off your joint and relieving your pain.

The Joint Movement exercise program was researched and initiated by Arthritis Australia – the country’s peak arthritis body – in conjunction with leading health and fitness experts, in response to the uncertainty people reported about whether exercise will help or worsen arthritis symptoms. The Joint Movement was created to remove that uncertainty; the evidence clearly shows that regular and consistent exercise can help to manage arthritis, relieving the pain and inflammation suffered to give better quality of life.

The aim of The Joint Movement is to arm you with all the information and help you need to find an exercise program that is right and appropriate for your individual needs. Our exercise programs can be done by all ages and by people with even the highest pain intensity. Whether you suffer from arthritis or have patients with arthritis, whether you already lead exercise classes for people with musculoskeletal conditions or an are an exercise professional seeking information on how to do just that – The Joint Movement can help you.

Who is Arthritis Australia?

It is an alarming fact that almost 1 in 5 Australians suffer from arthritis. Arthritis Australia – a charitable, not-for-profit organisation – aims to bring quality life to all those with arthritis, and aims to eliminate their suffering. Arthritis Australia is the country’s peak arthritis body. It provides support and information about arthritis, promotes awareness of the challenges faced by people with arthritis, funds research and keeps health professionals informed. For more information about Arthritis Australia, visit their website.

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